Recurring Buy

The smartest and easiest way to invest in crypto

Set recurring buy
bitFlyer Recurring Buy

Invest in crypto, the easy way

  • Simple Setup

    Schedule a recurring buy in minutes.
  • Automatic Purchases

    Buy crypto daily, weekly, monthly, and more.
  • Start Small or Go Big

    Invest as low as $10 or as high as $10,000.

The smartest way to invest

It's very hard to time the market. But, with Recurring Buy you can mitigate the price fluctuation risk by investing the same amount consistently.

The smartest way to invest

Get started in Minutes

Set up your Recurring Buy in 3 easy steps.
You can start making automatic purchases as early as tomorrow.

Set a frequency

Set a frequency

You can choose between daily, weekly, twice a month, or monthly.
Choose an amount

Choose an amount

You can set it as low as $10 and as high as $10,000.
Review your setup

Review your setup

Confirm your settings and start investing the smart way!


How soon can I start?
You can start as early as the next day. The exact date for purchases will be based on the frequency you select, but it can not start on the same day as opting in to the service.
Are there any fees?
There is no additional fee for this service. Please reference our Buy/Sell service for the rates used at the time of purchase.
Where does the money used for purchase come from?
Purchases are made using the USD in your account balance. Please ensure that you have a sufficient amount of USD in your account before each purchase is made.
What happens if my USD balance runs out?
No purchase will be made on that date. A sufficient amount of USD must be in your account at the time of purchase. The automatic purchase scheduling will not be cancelled.
Can I cancel the purchases?
You can easily cancel the purchases by clicking on Recurring Buy section.
Click on Recurring Buy > Selected currencies > Select the currency you want to cancel > Cancel
How do I change the purchases?
You can change the purchases by clicking on Recurring Buy on the left side menu.

Important notes:

  • ●Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account before the scheduled day of purchase. If there is an insufficient balance, the purchase will not be made.
  • ●If a purchase is not made, the automatic purchase scheduling will not be cancelled.
  • ●The specific time for purchase can not be specified. bitFlyer will designate the time of purchase on the designated date.
  • ●The rate used at the time of purchase uses the price on our Buy/Sell service.
  • ●System troubles on the bitFlyer side may cause the purchase to not execute. If the purchase is unable to execute, no automatic purchase will be made until the next scheduled purchase.