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bitWire (beta)

bitWire allows you to instantly send Bitcoin using only a recipient’s email address.


- For bitWire transfers entered in JPY, the average of the buying and selling price will be used in order to determine the final transaction value. For bitWire transactions made out of hours, there may be a difference between the displayed reference price and the final price.
- Sending/payment through bitWire using funds (equivalent amount) deposited by Quick Deposit within the past 7 days is not allowed. (Excluding SBI Sumishin Net Bank) See here for details.
- This service only allows Bitcoin to be sent using email addresses that are registered to bitFlyer accounts. bitWire can not be used to send Bitcoin to those who do not have a bitFlyer account.
- Funds sent via bitWire to an incorrect email address cannot be returned. bitFlyer does not take responsibility for incorrectly sent Bitcoin.
- Delays may occur due to system issues.