Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a widely-used method of increasing the security of login systems.

Generally, it is an additional piece of login information requested in conjunction with a normal password for authenticating the user logging in.

Two-factor authentication options

There are different services available for the requested information, but SMS (text message), email, and authentication apps are the most common. Online banks or other services also use One Time Password generators.

While two-factor authentication can not completely prevent unauthorized logins, compared to just using a password, the level of security is greatly improved.

Usage of two-factor authentication at bitFlyer

To strengthen security at bitFlyer, we require two-factor authentication when withdrawing crypto assets. We strongly recommend enabling two-factor authentication for logging in and when using other services.

We urge caution in the use of email for receiving two-factor authentication codes. If your email address and the service using two-factor authentication share the same password, the two-factor authentication becomes effectively useless and the risk of having your two-factor authentication cracked increases.

If you wish to use two-factor authentication through email on bitFlyer, you will also have to set a 4-digit PIN as well.

When using SMS (text message), please remember to update your settings if you change your phone number or you will not be able to receive the authentication codes.