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What is ELF Token ?

The “Disclosure Information Regarding the Sale and Service of ELF Tokens” has been revised as of Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 and now includes additional information on the lock-ups.

Please click on the this link for the updated document.

ELF Token is a crypto asset used in THE LAND ELF Crossing (hereafter “THE LAND”), an NFT farming game that will be released by HashPalette Inc. and issued on the PaletteChain. ELF Tokens can be earned by participating in tournaments and other events, or selling items acquired in the game after converting them to NFTs. With ELF Tokens, players can purchase land NFTs called LAND and item NFTs in the game. Staking ELF Tokens (the act of depositing tokens for a certain period of time) within the service provided by HashPalette Inc. unlocks special features that allow players to progress more comfortably through THE LAND.

Staking as a service is not provided by bitFlyer.

HashPalette Inc. will buy back ELF Tokens at irregular intervals, funded by proceeds from  in-app purchases.


Please refer to the table below and the “Disclosure Information Regarding the Sale and Service of ELF Token” revised as of Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 for the ELF Token lock-up schedule.

The term “unlocked” on the White Paper refers to the state in which the Tokens become transferable to someone other than the issuer and does not refer to whether they can be sold on the market.

For other details, please refer to the White Paper provided by the issuer and our “Disclosure Information Regarding the Sale and Service of ELF Tokens”

What is THE LAND ELF Crossing?

THE LAND is an NFT farming game in which players build their own towns,  grow crops and earn tokens by trading NFTed crops while increasing the number of crop-producing farms. THE LAND is a full 3D graphic blockchain game, featuring a smooth user experience through the integration of web3 wallets. 

“Social” and “creative” are key themes of THE LAND. “Creative” elements include the ability to customize avatars, houses and lands within the game. The range of customizable options is scheduled to expand gradually.
Social elements include the ability to search for friends playing the game via social media (X etc.), communicate in-game via chat, interact in fishing competitions and invite friends to spend time together in each others town.

THE LAND will be available as iOS/Android app in 2024.

THE LAND aims to go beyond the framework of a game to become the “Metaverse with Destination” that connects the world of web3 and real life.

The game content is subject to change or suspension without prior notice. For detailed information, please contact HashPalette Inc.

What is HashPalette ?

HashPalette Inc. was established in 2020 and is a fully owned subsidiary of HashPort Inc., a product developer in the NFT field, which successfully completed Japan's first IEO in 2021. The company is also engaged in a wide range of NFT-related businesses, including the development of the “Palette Chain,” an NFT-specific Layer 1 blockchain, the development of the NFT marketplace “PLT Place,” and the development and operation of blockchain games.

Company name: HashPalette Inc.

Location: Hamamatsu-cho Building, 1-1-1 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Representative Director & CEO Takayuki Hayashi

Established: March 2nd, 2020

Business outline:

  • Development of NFT-specific blockchain infrastructure

  • Development of NFT marketplace

  • Development of contents (games, etc.) utilizing NFT, etc.

Official website:  

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