ELF Token

ELF Token is a crypto asset used in THE LAND ELF Crossing (hereafter "THE LAND"), an NFT farming game released by HashPalette Inc. and issued on the PaletteChain. ELF Tokens can be earned by participating in tournaments and other events, or selling items acquired in the game after converting them to NFTs. 

With ELF Tokens, players can purchase land NFTs called LAND and item NFTs in the game. Staking ELF Tokens (the act of depositing tokens for a certain period of time) within the service provided by HashPalette Inc. unlocks special features that allow players to progress more comfortably through THE LAND.

Staking as a service is not provided by bitFlyer.

HashPalette Inc. will buy back ELF Tokens at irregular intervals, funded by proceeds from in-app purchases.

Notes on sending ELF Token

We only accept the sending on the Palette network for this crypto asset and do not accept any other networks.

When transfering the relevant crypto assets from our company to an external party, please select "Palette Chain" for the wallet to which you wish to send the funds. If you select any other network than Palette Chain, the transfer may fail and your crypto assets may be permanently lost.

Notes on ELF Token Price Fluctuations

Unlike other crypto assets, ELF Tokens are only used within THE LAND game, so its price may fluctuate depending on the popularity of the game and other related factors.

Notes on the Protection of ELF Token User Assets

In the event that we deem it difficult to provide service for the crypto asset from the perspective of user asset protection due to changes in social conditions, usage conditions, or legal changes to "Play to Earn," we may consider and implement temporary suspension or discontinuation of the service.