Dogecoin is a crypto asset developed in 2013 based on Litecoin technology with a logo featuring a Shiba Inu motif known as the “Doge”, a popular internet meme. Initially, Dogecoin was released without a clear vision or purpose. However, the project community gradually expanded and is using it as a payment method in numerous internet shops, for donations etc.

Mechanics of Dogecoin issuance

Dogecoin mining is performed every minute and one block is generated every minute.
During block generation, newly issued assets are granted to miners as a reward for mining according to the following schedule.
Since there is no upper limit to the number of crypto assets that can be issued, there is no limit to the number of issuances.

*As of 2024/2/26

Number of Blocks  Dogecoin mining reward (in DOGE)

1–99,999      0–1,000,000

100,000–144,999   0–500,000

145,000–199,999   250,000

200,000–299,999  125,000

300,000–399,999  62,500

400,000–499,999  31,250

500,000–599,999  15,625

600,000+      10,000

*Reference: Very Much Frequently Asked Questions ❓/GitHub

Activity of Dogecoin

The crypto asset was issued in 2013 as a meme coin but since then, a foundation has been established and a manifesto has been published.

Please check the following website for the most recent development and activity status.

*Reference: dogecoin/Github , dogecoin/X