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  • A wide range of user-friendly trading tools

    Our user interface is simple and refined.
    We offer a wide range of virtual currency trades with our special order interface.

  • Some fees are waived

    There are no trading fees on Lightning FX and Lightning Futures.
    With Lightning FX and Lightning Futures, you can use up to 2x leverage, making it possible to profit whether prices increase or decrease.

  • Solid security

    Our next-generation security has an industry-leading 7-year streak of no hacking incidents. We also offer extensive customer support to give you peace of mind while using our services.

The following points are posted on the Financial Services Agency's website.
  • The inclusion of virtual currency exchange agencies in this list confirms only that, based on the concerned virtual currency exchange's explanation, the currencies they deal in meet the definition under fund settlement law.

  • The Financial Services Agency and Treasury do not guarantee or endorse the value of these virtual currencies. Virtual currencies are not necessarily backed by assets.

  • Please pay attention to the following points when trading in virtual currency.

    • (Notes concerning the use of virtual currency)

    • Virtual currencies are not a "legal tender" with values guaranteed by the country, such as the Japanese yen or dollar. They are electronic data exchanged on the Internet.

    • he price of virtual currency may fluctuate. There is a possibility of losing money as the price of the virtual currency may plummet, suddenly become worthless, and so on.

    • The virtual currency exchange must register with the Financial Services Agency/Finance Bureau. Please check whether or not the exchange is a registered business owner if using their services.

    • When trading virtual currency, please seek explanations from the exchange, fully understand the transaction details, and proceed at your own discretion.

    • Discussions about virtual currencies and fraudulent coins are on the rise. Please be cautious of malicious and fraudulent businesses who are piggybacking on the use of virtual currencies and the development of the virtual currency exchange industry.

Virtual currency exchange registration list(PDF: 62KB)

Although we operate a service with the name “FX”, it is not a foreign currency exchange.
Although we use the term “exchange” on our services, they are not financial instruments exchanges as defined by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

Disclaimer (please read carefully)
  • Crypto assets are not a legal tender. The value of crypto assets are not guaranteed by any individual.

  • When making purchases or sales on Buy/Sell, customers bear the spread. The spread is the difference between the purchase and sale prices.

  • The fees incurred when making trades of crypto assets or over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets (collectively referred to as “Crypto Asset Trades”) as well as the calculation methods for the corresponding fees can be found on our Fees and Taxes page.

Fees and taxes:

  • Before being able to trade over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets, it is necessary to make a margin deposit. More information can be found on our “What is Lightning FX?” and “What is Lightning Futures?” pages.

What is Lightning FX?:

What is Lightning Futures?:

  • The principal can not be guaranteed for crypto assets trades or trades of over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets. Losses may be incurred due to price fluctuations.

  • When beginning or continuing to trade crypto assets, please be sure to thoroughly read and understand all of our documents that require user agreement, fully understand the mechanisms and associated risks, and only trade when your resources, trading experience, and trading purpose are judged to be appropriate. Trade at your own risk.

  • When trading over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets, the amount being traded may exceed the amount in the customer’s margin deposit, which may lead to losses being incurred in excess of the amount in the customer’s margin deposit.

  • If the passwords used in electronic authentication are misused by a third party, losses may be incurred.

  • Crypto assets may be used for payments with unspecified persons, or bought and sold with unspecified persons as a counterparty. Crypto assets may only be used to settle a payment in the event that the person receiving the payment agrees to the reimbursement.

  • Customers may incur losses if the conditions of our business or financial situation deteriorate. We manage customer assets separately from our own assets.