Render Token

Render Token is the crypto asset used on the Render Network, a decentralized cloud rendering service. The Render Network as a platform allows users to monetize GPU computing power that is necessary for graphic and video production by sharing excess computing power among users. Additionally, this crypto asset can be used for payments within the platform's services and for governance voting regarding project operation policies.

Regarding Render Token program node availability and how to provide rendering power

How to check node availability:

You can check the latest information about the operational status of the nodes running on the Render Network and the rendering power provided by the nodes on the service page when you actually use the service.

How to provide rendering power:

To contribute GPU computing power, you must join a specific group called a "Tier”. By joining this group, GPU power providers can provide their own GPU power and receive RNDRs as a reward for their contribution to the Render Network ecosystem.