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Campaign title

No fees for ETH/BTC trading campaign


Campaign summary

Trading fees for the ETH/BTC pair on bitFlyer Lightning will be waived during the campaign period.

*The normal trading fee for the ETH/BTC pair on bitFlyer Lightning is 0.2% x the execution amount.


Campaign period (dates and times are in JST)

Thursday, September 1 at around 4:00 PM through Wednesday, February 10, 2023 at around 11:59 PM


Important notes:

・Fees are normally incurred based on the execution amount. These fees will not be incurred during the campaign period.

・This campaign only applies to trades on Lightning Spot (ETH/BTC).

・No entry is required for this campaign.

・Crypto asset trades incur fees. More information on our fees can be found here.

・Identity verification procedures must be completed before trading crypto assets on our services. More information can be found here.

・There is a possibility that we may not be able to grant your account creation request due to the results of our ID verification process. The ID verification process may take some time to complete, so please allot a sufficient amount of time.

・Please refer to our Privacy Policy for information on how we handle personal information. bitFlyer may change, suspend, cancel, or terminate some or all of the parts of this campaign without prior notice. bitFlyer is not responsible for any losses incurred due to changes, suspension, cancellation, or termination of this program.

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Disclaimer (please read thoroughly)
  • Crypto assets are not a legal tender. The value of crypto assets are not guaranteed by any individual.
  • Purchases and sales on our Buy/Sell service will incur fees to be borne by customers. This means that the actual buy and sell prices of the corresponding crypto assets will differ.
  • The fees and other expenses incurred, as well as the calculation methods used, when making trades of crypto assets or over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets (hereafter collectively referred to as “crypto asset trades”) are written on our Fees and Taxes page.
  • Before being able to trade over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets, it is necessary to make a margin deposit. More information can be found on our “What is Lightning FX?” and “What is Lightning Futures?” pages.
  • The principal can not be guaranteed for crypto assets trades or trades of over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets. Losses may be incurred due to fluctuations in the prices of the crypto asset being traded.
    When beginning or continuing to trade, please be sure to thoroughly read and understand all of our documents that require user agreement and trade when your resources, trading experience, and trading purpose are judged to be appropriate. Trade at your own responsibility.
  • When trading over-the-counter derivatives of crypto assets, the amount being traded may exceed the amount in the customer’s margin deposit, which may lead to losses being incurred in excess of the amount in the customer’s margin deposit.
  • If the private keys or passwords used in electronic authentication are lost, you may completely lose access to the corresponding virtual currency and its value may be lost. Additionally, you may incur losses if these are abused by a third party.
  • Crypto assets may be used for payments with unspecified persons, or bought and sold with unspecified persons as a counterparty. Crypto assets may only be used to settle a set price in the event that the person receiving the payment agrees to the amount.
  • Customers may incur losses if the conditions of our business or assets deteriorate.
    We manage customer assets separately from our own assets.
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